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Howell Prairie Road

Howell Prairie Road
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I’ve been scouting places to paint on location near me by using Google Maps. This spot caught my eye. The weather has been so bad lately I decided to just sketch at home today using Google Street View as a reference. My intention was to do a quick, loose brush sketch, but it turned into a more finished watercolor painting.

I started by painting the sky using a mix of Pentel Sign Pen black and light blue ink. I then added the light greens and the gray of the road using watercolor. I then did the midtones and finally the darkest darks. I used a single round brush to do everything including all the narrow vertical lines.

Travelogue Artist Watercolor Journal, Princeton #8 round brush, mix of Pentel Sign Pen black and light blue inks for the sky, Daniel Smith watercolors. Image is 16.25×5 inches (41.3×13 cm).