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Country Road

Country Road
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Watercolor sketch done in my sketchbook. Yesterday I ventured out between rain showers to take pictures of roads nearby. I wanted to test a new photo set-up. I mounted my iPhone 7 to the dashboard of my car and taped a Bluetooth shutter release button to my steering wheel so that I could trigger the phone camera with my thumb while keeping my hands on the wheel. I took 38 pictures on a leisurely drive down Cordon Road to MacLeay, turned north on Howell Prairie Road and heading home on Silverton Road. It started to sprinkle near the end and I had to time the camera between windshield wiper sweeps. I got three or four pretty good shots and used one as reference for this sketch.

Travelogue Artist Watercolor Journal, Derwent #2 round waterbrush, vintage Sheaffer’s Balance Black and Pearl Lifetime pen with 14K gold nib ca. 1929-30 filled with Noodler’s Benenke Black ink, Uni-Ball Signo white gel pen, and Molotow 2mm empty pump marker with Dr. Ph. Martin’s Pen White ink, and Daniel Smith watercolors. Image is 16.25×5 inches (41.3×13 cm).