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Parking Lot

Parking Lot
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I painted on location today in a parking lot. I started by blocking in the midtone shapes in the foreground and the trees in the background with gray and brown ink using a flat waterbrush to pick ink off a paper palette. It’s a good fast way to lay out the scene on the page because you are just putting down major shapes, no detail. I then switched to watercolor and painted in the trees. I used a gel pen to sketch the cars and a brush pen to add the darks on the cars. I used a white marker to add the parking lot lines and the last thing I did was to paint the red tail lights with watercolor.

Travelogue Artist Watercolor Journal, Noodler’s Benenke Black ink and a mix of black and blue Pentel Sign Pen ink applied with a Kuretake flat waterbrush, Daniel Smith watercolor, Derwent #2 round waterbrush, Pentel EnerGel 0.5 black pen, Kuretake ZIG Brushables brown and gray pens, Kuretake #13 brush pen with Platinum Carbon Black ink, and Molotow 2mm empty pump marker with Dr. Ph. Martin’s Pen White ink. Image is 16.25×5 inches (41.3×13 cm).