Homemade Paper
Click the picture to see a larger version.

I painted this on my first sheet of homemade paper made from recycled junk mail. I used an old blender to turn the mail mixed with water into pulp. I poured the pulp onto a framed screen, but I didn’t use a mould to make straight edges. I wanted the edges to be rough. I ended up with a thick, textured, gray sheet. I air dried the sheet on a board overnight. The paper curled a bit. I ironed it flat.

The picture I painted is a combination of two reference photos I took of the Little Pudding River (it is really more of a creek) just east of us. The background trees are from one photo and the foreground trees and brambles are from another.

Painted on homemade paper made from junk mail using Turner Acryl Gouache with a variety of flat and rigger brushes. Image is roughly 8.5×7.5 inches (22×19 cm).